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News headlines 

Headlines for the latest items items of news on the website. To see the complete item go to the News page:


Meeting in King's Lynn, 11 Oct 2014 - Dayplan for the meeting now available - UPDATED!

'Single Gloucester' Project - now fully funded

Report from Carolyn Robson - on her work with the Full English Project

Malcolm Taylor - farewell and thank you!

Topic Records - Four new Voice of the People recordings

ITMA Shamrock, Rose and Thistle microsite  - e-book and recordings

Meeting in Sheffield, 21 June 2014 - Draft meeting plan is now available

Exploring The Digital Archive, 15 Nov 2014  - Outline for the day

Song Collectors Collective Conference - London, 26th April - brief report  


 [News headlines updated 15-09-14]




Future TSF meetings

The Autumn meeting will be held in Kings Lynn on 11 Oct . Details available here.

There is to be a session organised jointly by TSF and EFDSS on Exploring the Digital Archive. Preliminary details here.

The next Broadside Day, organised jointly between TSF and the EFDSS, is to be held at Cecil Sharp House on 21 February 2015

Please make sure that you have these dates in your diary!


The TSF Discussion Group

Johnny Adams runs the 'Tradsong' discussion group where you can share information with other TSF members and with a wider constituency. A good place also to send those queries that you want the numerous experts in the TSF to help with. Go to: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/Tradsong/


Contact for queries:

If you have any questions please contact the TSF Secretary -  martin.graebe@btinternet.com