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I appreciate feedback on the site and I am delighted when I am told about bits of it that aren't working properly or about typographical catas&trafees.


News headlines 

Headlines for the latest items items of news on the website. To see the complete item go to the News page:


TSF Meeting 24 September and Roy Palmer Lecture - see News Page

Whalsay Folk Song website - see News Page

Annual Subscriptions are now due - See News Page

Collectors Collective new project - see News Page

Internet Resources document updated - see News Page and Resources

TSF Meeting in Hull - Meeting notes now available here

Traditional Song Forum Facebook page - see News Page

Napoleon in Song - two new books, see News Page

Barbara Allen - An unusual recording, see News Page

EFDSS Conference proceedings, 2013 - See News Page

Icelandic Folk Museum - See News Page

Napoleonic Chapbooks - See News page

Upcoming Meetings - see below and on News Page

Napoleon's 100 Days in 100 Objects - see News Page

EFDSS Conference 2015 - See News Page

Vaughan Williams in Norfolk, Digital Book - see News Page

Meeting in Newcastle, 9 May 2015 - Report of the meeting now available here


 [News headlines updated 14 Jan 16]




Future TSF meetings

The next TSF meeting will be held in Stroud, Gloucestershire on 24 September 2016. The main feature of the day will be the first Roy Palmer Lecture to be given by Steve Roud, whose topic will be 'English Folk Song - Some More Conclusions' (Details here). There will be another three talks in the afternoon session. Details of the day's programme can be seen here.

The next confirmed TSF meeting will be held in Lewes on 25 March 2016 when we will be hosted by the Sussex Traditions project.

Please make sure that you have these dates in your diary!

Further meetings for 2016 are under consideration.


The TSF Discussion Group

Johnny Adams runs the 'Tradsong' discussion group where you can share information with other TSF members and with a wider constituency. A good place also to send those queries that you want the numerous experts in the TSF to help with. Go to: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/Tradsong/


The Traditional Song Forum Facebook Page

Paul Davenport has recently created a Facebook page for TSF. If you would like to visit this, then search for 'Traditional Song Forum' on Facebook.



Contact for queries:

If you have any questions please contact the TSF Secretary -  martin.graebe@btinternet.com